Mahant Shree Kishore Chand Ji Goswami



Shree Guru Ramanand Krit Ram Raksha Prarambh


Sidhbaba Saidaas Ji Ke Purvjanam Ka Vritant

Narottamray ka Tapscharya aur Haridarshan

Mahatma Saidaas Gosai Ka Aavirbhaav

Guru Darshan

Santaan Ki Prapti Aur Pita Ka Dehant

Saidaas Ka Prasthaan Aur Narayan Kshetra Mein Niwas

Shri Ramanand Ka Avtaran

Brahm-Khsetra Prasang

Shri Ramanand ka Antardhdaan

Amardas Ka Dehvsaan

Swapan Faladesh

Mahant Kashidas

Abdu Rabavi Ko Vardaan

Saidaas Ji Ka Baikunth Gaman

Mandir Ki Sthapna

Vanshavali va Shishya Parampara

Saaidaas Ki kuchch Geet Rachnaayein

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